Brother from another mother..



It has been long time that i coudnt write, i am not lazy i just dont wanna write.. Actually writing a blog is a good idea for examble even if i die this blogs gonna stay all the time in internet 😀 Anyway but i feel sad today cuz i said ‘’ good bye ‘’ to my one of the best person i have ever met in Romania..He is going back to Spain.. He teached me how to be brother from another mom & father..  He was always together with me.. He all the time support me, we had really good time all together.. I became all the time drunk with him. My time was great with him…

He knows how to enjoy, how to speak, how to be good person…And he has got a really big nose 😀

Good luck my bro !!!

We are on the way of  Delta..


His birthday present 🙂


Heili – Me- Ruben and lovely Romanian family

















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