I was watching a movie about  Dictatorship….Then i decided to write something about it.


Dictatorship it means speaker…

You dont have to see something that you dont like..Dont forget you are a dictator, nothing can happen if you dont like..


Or we can say someone who can scream like Hitler ?

Well what can we say about Hitler’s sentences now ? In the present there is no sentence from him.

Come on just tell something from Musollini ?  What do you remember anything about his sentences ?

Josef Stalin, Saddam Husein, Francısco Franco and many of them..

What do you remember ? All of them has gone to same way and their destiny was the same.

Hitler coudnt stay more..Musollini..Franco..Saddam.. Noone can stay till the end.

Nobody wants to remember  them..Nobody wants to remember those days… Everybody remembers them with bad memories..

Dictatorship is not only in country.. It’s in family..It’s in the workplace.. it’s in public institutions..

Do you wanna be one of them ?

If a person wants to build a dictatorship..A recommend from me, it’s better if they try to take people’s heart.. With their respect..With their love with their behaviors..

Maybe dictatorship is screaming empty walls ?

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