'' Mom! White things are falling from top!!! ''

She told me that i had said this sentence when i was 3 years old.. It was something that i can not remember. I was speaking with my mom today and i told her do you remember when i ve seen first time snow mom ? And she told me yeah 3 years old when we were vacation in winter. She was cheating me with ” Look eat this white cheese and it will be snow..everywhere white. ” ( i also dont remember it..it’s just dairy of my mom 🙂  )

But when i think about snow…

İts the reason that not leave the window,

The most worthy thing on tree branches after birds..

Romance trigger, atmosphere cleaner.

The most wonderful attraction of nature.

The Snow… In my opinion, the most romantic nature event on earth. Imagine no matter how old are you or who you are.. Snow makes you kid, you just throw snowballs or doing snowmans or try to ski..


Wine, snowball, snowman, many times fall down ( i done first one today ! ) and hot chocolate series at home.. I feel so happy that i will live this kind of things in this winter.  First time in my life i had chance to watch snow from my window.. Okay i ve seen snow before in my life but .. I never took a walk in streets when it was snowing or i never opened window or go balcony try to catch some snow. I just have been to some snow resorts and get contact with snow and run back to my warm city.

The thing is that snow reminds me a white page in this dirty world. I wish that it could be easy to open a white page for everyone like wake up in the morning and see everywhere white.

But now i have to live in the city which is  full of snows. And i am thinking what can i do for this winter with snow. I am sure people who lives here sick of tired from snow and they are keep going their life as nothing happened with snow.. I am sure they will understand that i am foreign.. Because of my astonishment and abnormal movements.. It’s such a shame thing 🙂

What shall i say.. I hate you Mediterrian climate !

Enjoy your winter Brasov.



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