Heyy ! Ce faci ???? As you know we have an event 31 of October about HALLOWEEN !!! Let’s check what’s Halloween ! As i know, according to Celtic summer  schedule that starts on 31 of October..In that time people believes that dead people can pass to the world. So that  the most terribly way to scare them, dressed and walk around then scream like böööööööö 😀  ( of course there is a lot meaning of halloween but..this one is... Read More

Oggy's way !

Salut ! It has been long time that i didn’t write nothing.. Okay i am not lazy but i don’t find anything to write. Okay maybe i need to talk nonsense 😀 Have you ever heard story of ” the guy who tried to call friends in concert ! ”   2 volunteers who lives in the Braşov ( Sercan and Oggy ) they decided to go to Concert of Red Hot Chili Peppers..Oggy has seen the posters in May and they told about concert to their... Read More