Dialogues along the Danube

–          Eh! tu …..Ce face? –          Me?…nothing, I’m not doing nothing special. –          Ah, no? –          No. –          Eh! ….Did you say something? –          Me?….No, I didn’t say nothing. –          Are you sure? I thought I heard something. –          I don’t know. Perhaps the sound of the tides.... Read More

The Dog and the snow

  “Carmen won’t stand alive more than two days”(1)….her body showed frostbite signs and damaged muscles due to low temperatures. She almost couldn’t move her legs and the skin, hidden by her coat, was burned because of the harsh climate to the mountains. Her gaze looked hard and fragile at the same time due to the pain, perhaps for the sensibility that normally the high mountain’s dogs have. Later, I got more information about this... Read More

Colors and Windows

I arrived in Brasov three weeks ago. I can’t still speak the Romanian language, neither understanding to the people nor knowledge enough about its History. Possibly, I would lost through its narrow streets, as a mere tourist. However, I found some traces around the city which make me feel the city as a familiar space, unforgettable in my memory. One of these traces are the windows and its colors. That’s true!! Brasov’s windows are like the... Read More

Servus from Anna

Serwus ! My name is Anna and I am from Poland.  I came here because I want to change something in my life and run away from routine.  I have never  been to Romania before so I thought  that will be great idea to connect work with children and older people with discovering something like new culture, travel and have fun. I used to work in laboratory of chemistry in Poland like a technologist. My friends and family from Poland are fantastic, the... Read More


Hellooo everyone I am from Turkiye.. My name is Oğulcan. I am coming from Kuşadası.. There’s one of touristic city of Turkiye so yeah i know it’s crazy thing to come here from touristic city where i can see always sun, sand, sea but….. I was selected tby Asocıatıa Colors as a volunteer. So I am glad to be here. I just wanted to discover something like new cultures, new people, I wanted to shared experiences or get experiences. Suddenly... Read More

A dreamer

When I came to a new city I love this kind of shiver, when you are uncertain future – what gonna happens with me there? Because… everything could happen. So, I’m of course exciting and can’t wait to force with “new” and make it “mine”. I like be lost in the city, searching for places – small pubs, cinemas, parks – when I will feel good, meeting with new friends, playing new games, reading books, writing letters or simply... Read More

My new experience in Romania

                                                     ROMANIA, EXPERIENCE IN EASTERN EUROPE      I grew up in Guadarrama mountains.   Hello to everybody! My name´s Enrique, but you also can call me Kike. I was born in  Madrid (05/03/1989) and grew up in Guadarrama´s mountain range, in central  Spain. I like travelling and studying, reading and writing. And I love mountains and the  wildlife.  I´m... Read More

Colors and people

Sometimes, we are capable of describing the essence of any given time or the intensity of an emotion through a color. In this case, I would like to using colors for describing people like María. She represents the Blue. I was very lucky to meet her in Asociatia Colors during  the first week living in Brasov as EVS volunteer. Speaking and standing  with her was a funny and full of spontaneity: her dynamism and energy, also her history of life.... Read More

dacă vreți să (re)vedeți cum a fost aseară la Gala pentru Supervoluntari din Brașov :)

Sala arhiplină, voluntari de toate vârstele, oficialități, prieteni, premii, muzică, dans și o seară colorată 🙂 Mulțumim Irinei Palade pentru prezentare, voluntarilor care au lucrat fără pauză pentru ca evenimentul să iasă ok și așteptăm evenimentul de anul viitor 🙂 Mai multe poze găsiți pe facebook.com/asociatiacolors.  Read More

Carmen Radu este Supervoluntarul 2011 în județul Brașov!

În această seară, la Centrul Cultural Reduta din Brașov s-au decernat premiile pentru cei mai activi voluntari din județul Brașov, voluntarul anului 2011 fiind desemnată Carmen Radu de la Fundația Rafael din Codlea. Invitați, voluntari, reprezentanți ai organizațiilor neguvernamentale și școlilor, dar și oficialități au sărbătorit împreună Anul European al Voluntariatului, petrecând o seară plină de culoare în compania Irinei... Read More

Sofia, mâine, la Gala pentru Supervoluntari Brașov

Sofia este din Sibiu, este actriță, fiind totodată studentă anul IV la Facultatea de Drept Simion Bărnuțiu și urmând cursurile Școlii Populare de Arte și Meserii Tiberiu Brediceanu din Brașov, profilul Canto-muzică ușoară, la clasa doamnei profesoare Cristina Bălan. Sofia va cânta pentru Supervoluntarii Galei din Brașov, mâine, la Centrul Cultural Reduta 🙂      Read More

Dansuri săsești Codlea

Trupa de dansuri săsești Codlea a fost înființată în anul 1999 sub numele de  Asociația Sașilor de tineret din Codlea (Zeiden Jugend Verein), în prezent trupa se află sub conducerea lui Nicolae Râșnovean. Trupa de dansuri are la activ numeroase spectacole și participări la concursuri de dansuri între etnii, totodată a mai participat și la  filmări tv, în anul 2007 trupa de Pdansuri săsești a participat la Televiziunea Română... Read More

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