Lost in Translation (chapter I)

  Aitor and Merve were travelling around some point over the Mediterranean coast. This day, when the story started, was sunny. The sea was calm and clear atmosphere. It was 12.00 o’clock in the morning and Merve was lying on the prow of the boat. Aitor was checking the sails on the top of the dock. Then, he saw some strange clouds, but so far from them that he didn’t pay special attention. The couple spent all day long inside of the boat,... Read More

Votează cel mai simpatic supervoluntar!

Până în 25 noiembrie intră pe pagina de facebook a Asociației Colors și votează cel mai simpatic voluntar din Brașov și Sibiu! Acesta va fi ales prin vot public, cuantificând totalul like-urilor primite, din rândul tuturor voluntarilor pentru care au fost trimise nominalizări la edițiile din acest an. Votează cel mai simpatic voluntar din Brașov – click aici! Votează cel mai simpatic voluntar din Sibiu – click aici!     Read More

Prelungire termen înscriere Gala pentru Supervoluntari

Ultima șansă de a vă înscrie voluntarii, proiectele, organizația sau prietenii acestora la ediția 2012 a Galei pentru Supervoluntari! O mai puteți face până vineri, 16 noiembrie, ora 16 după care formularele vor deveni inactive. Nu uitați principiile după care ne ghidăm la Gală: – mai multe nominalizări, mai multe șanse de câștig; –  Gala este în primul rând o oportunitate de a le mulțumi public voluntarilor și celor... Read More

Adi's World

Adi always comes from the school running as a horse. But today it isn’t the same because Adi has a strange face. His thinking draws a question mark and crosses his forefront from the left to the right. Today he is silent, calm and breathes as the princess Rapunzel, waiting into her tower to her blue prince. Now, Adi is in the kitchen. His head is looking to the floor. He seems to be in a different world, however, he is very tied to the reality. –         ... Read More


Halloween 2012 has been different for all the volunteers who work as EVS in Brasov. We  prepared a lot of games and a contest in order to choose the scariest pumpkin and, despite of the horrible weather that made us almost frozen, we had a really good mood. Yeah, the winter is arriving and Halloween was one prove of it! The atmosphere seemed like if in a real scary move, because some of the volunteers put some music really cool and dark! at 17.30... Read More

Even the Angels need help…!

  Hi…! I am Umpaniel, angels of god… I can remove do evil spirit and devils. I came to Braşov because Purgatory’s door had opened by dracula in Braşov.  I need your help for close the door and remove the freaks. I will tell u what you are going to do, just join the Ghost Town… I said Ghost Town because freaks are here and they will attack Braşov in 27th October… Noroc…!   Don’t trust my face… … neither my voice... Read More

The Breakfast

  Everyday, Alina gets up at 6.00 am. She opens the window, even in winter, because she likes to feel the first fresh air of the day. It gives her strong enough to formulate the goals for the coming day. This represents her favorite time. She’s alone and free, and she plays with her will. During the breakfast, her father is still abstemious, her boss can’t order to her stupid tasks and her friends didn’t call, asking for her precious time. For... Read More

happy together

Mario and Clara are together from 9 months ago. They meet for first in a common friend’s birthday. Clara was drinking a milkshake and Mario a whisky with ice. Their glances crossed in a certain point through the space of the room. The game started with a smile, and from here, they knew as professionals how to look for a meeting point, just in the corridor which connected the kitchen and the bedroom. Good strategic point. At the beginning, she... Read More

Primary energy

  My cousin Lola used to come all summers with my uncles to the small house that my parents had in Cape Cod, New Island. She had 11 years old and I remember her like a spot in my ass: so savage and noisy. She was born in Brasov, Romania, because her parents moved there long ago for working. I wondered myself why she couldn’t have keep there. As far as I know, Brasov is wonderful in summer and there are some bears walking around the Tâmpâ.... Read More

The Dreamer

  Once in my life I met a Dreamer with eyes like the moon. His eyelashes were long, like Strada Lunga, the longest street in Brasov. His lips were fine and good shaped and his teeth white and ending in small irregularities. His gaze was uncanny, maybe because his eyelides, falling down over the retina, conveying a kind of remote knowledge that no one could see except him. However, this person charmed me not only for his appearance, but also... Read More

Experimental music at George Bariţiu Public Library in Brasov

  I like music, especially those trends connected with the future. I am from the south of Spain and thanks to this reason I had the opportunity to take contact with Puertas de Castilla, a Cultural Center located in the city of Murcia, which is the main urban point around the region. There, just on October 2010 was opened an ambitious but pioneer project: a sound archive specialized in experimental music. The idea was developed by Francisco López,... Read More

Creative Literature: Essays of the Space nr. 1

I live in the 9th floor of a communist building, somewhere into the finite eternity. My door’s apartment has a label with the number 40.I share the flat with six more people but I have my own space. My room is square, around 12m2 in size and has forth walls. On the whole, the house is exterior and bright. My room has short furnishing: a closet without doors, a chest of drawers, an old fashion wood chair and two kinds of suitcases: a big one for... Read More

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