Interview with Laura Silvestru, Deputy Coordinator of the Department for International Relationships of the “George Bariţiu” Public Library Braşov

Laura sits everyday in her office, the same since she has started his career at the George Bariţiu Public Library in 1997. Despite of this long time, for her each day is completely different. Her activity represents a continuous challenge, where constantly changing, where new and old generations find a meeting point, where the culture represents the core of the social life for most of them. Into this high intellectual atmosphere, Laura tries to... Read More

Evening Kitchen

Sometimes the life is raw and smells rotten, like a spoiled food that has to be eliminated from the rest. In this case, rawness wasn’t in the life itself but the fact of being Sunday turned fatal this moment…Heyheyhey! but our kitchen was sick!….I mobilized my scientific instinct Jekyll style, and with Miss Hyde Olga’s support we could prepare properly the operating table and now………… kitchen contains... Read More

Summer Activities in Colors!!

    We are almost in the middle of August and after the break in the hot temperatures, now we have more hot, more summer and more activities! We just received more company, more volunteers from Turkey, our new partners, Ali and Hassan. They came full of new ideas related to the artistic field and new technologies and we are implementing new and full schedule for the next September and the rest of August. For the moment, the expectation... Read More

The City and the Light (2)

The skyline becomes an orange tone and is quite visible to the sight. The dew starts to smelts and slowly drips from the edge of the shutters. The action is interrupted by the sunrise. Now, the sun shines the lower part of the same city. The rays rise step by step and finally uncover its shape. The image, exposed to the light of the day, is totally evocative. From the distance, has the same proportion that a Greek sculpture, which rests, lying, over... Read More

The City and the Light (1)

Suddenly, an image of a city appears. From the distance, its silhouette isn’t especially visible within the scene. It contains modest proportions and its dimension has an invariable quality. The contour is formed by regular lines and, on the whole, its external appearance doesn’t reflect an easy beauty. Harmony of volumes isn’t obvious and spectators are bored. There’re murmurs around the room. Three Canals cross the long and wide of this... Read More

Another Page in Another City

Hi , I am Hasan . I m a new volunteer. I am from Turkey, I was born at istanbul 10.05.1988 . And i live in Ankara / Turkey.  My journey of Romania has been started  5 days ago with my friend Ali. When i was at the college i was went to Pecs / Hungary with Erasmus Program. I was live there for 2 years. Than i was go to Vienna for 6 months. You can see i am familiar with Traveling and diffrent countries. Romania is a whole new country for me . I always... Read More

Whole New Experince

Hi everybody, It’s Ali from Turkey. I was borned in Northern Cyprus in 06.12.1986 and growing up some countries in Turkey.  And now i am in Romania. My interests are drawing comics, traveling, sports and digital arts. I think Life is so strange. Like Tom Hank’s said in Forrest Gump Movie “Life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.” And i want to know “what will i get?” . It is the reason of the being... Read More

My city's ornaments

Is summertime and it’s too hot. However, I need to go out now more than ever because is the best time to enjoying within the nature. The fact of living in Brasov makes it easier, because its green and thick forests are really wonderful. I like to wake up at 6.00 am and running around the city. One of my favourite route is going up through the Tâmpa. This route could be perfect, unless some points are full of rubbish….how can it be possible? I... Read More

Euro-Cup 2010: Interview with Enrique Garrandés

Considering the amazing victory of Spain in the Euro-cup 2012, I thought it could be a great idea  an interview about sport, fútbol and Spanish issues with Enrique Garrandés, an EVS volunteer, specially engaged with Spanish football. He becomes a freak when “football” is the background. He practiced football with his father since he was a child. That’s curious because at first, he didn’t like football. It was almost the only one among all... Read More

Two seasons

We have been in Brasov since March. I remember as it was yesterday – snow was everywhere, cold wind was blowing, trees didn’t have any leaves, ours clothes were warm and heavy. At that time I was thinking that spring never comes. But first sign that I was wrong, that : 😉 was a primrose in our small garden in the front of the office: Days started to be longer, wormer and … more green. We couldn’t stay no longer in the office.... Read More

Summer nights and Cinema in Reduta

Did you hear about the  Noaptea Lunga a Filmelor Scurte? I just knew about it one week ago and I think it will be a great plan for this Friday night. This Short Film Festival is created and directed from Bucharest. This year, thanks to the collaboration with local partners, it’ll take place simultaneously in Brasov, Sibiu, Timisoara and Cluj on Saturday, June 23th. Here, in Brasov, the event will celebrate in Reduta Cultural Center. The opening... Read More

Multumesc pentru ajutor!

It always starts on the road. Always is bed weather to do it – it’s too hot or too cold, too sunny or too windy, it’s raining. You starts too early or too late. You choose bad place to start. Everyone is from here. All cars are full. But – don’t give up! Because…  in the same time it’s always a huge fun and adventures. You use to do things which you haven’t done before. Even more! You haven’t imagined that someday you... Read More

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